Workout Routine | Gym Motivation/Vlog

Hey ladies, mens, and non-binary friends!

Today we take you through a gym workout with us. We wake up and go to the gym everyday to improve our skills and work on our weaknesses and we wanted to provide a glimpse into our gym workout session. We tend to focus more on CrossFit workouts but enjoy doing accessory work after CrossFit WODs (Workout of the Day) as well. We focused mainly on back workouts for the accessory work.

We hope this video gives you some gym motivation/fitness motivation, some (fit) couple goals, some CrossFit workout inspiration, or all of the above!!

Today’s WOD:
5 rounds for time
10 hand stand push ups
10 deadlifts
10m farmers carry
10 burpees over dumbbells

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Intro & outro music: Point Blank
Musician: Not The King. 👑

(1:12 – 1:43)
Stretching music: Over N Over
Musician: Not The King. 👑

(1:45 – 3:14) (3:53 – 4:16)
WOD music & treadmill music: Cactus
Musician: Jeff Kaale

(4:32 – 5:45) (6:26 – 7:00)
Accessory work music: Pill R/B
Musician: Not The King. 👑

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