THE FULL MULTI gym workout, Friday + weekend routine.


THE ULTIMATE Multi Gym Workout Program

THE FULL MULTI gym workout, Friday + weekend routine. You will find newer workout programs on my youtube channel or website-
I have listed below 4 Multi gyms available on Amazon. If you buy them via my link I will receive a small commission for introducing you to the item, “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

1- This is very similar to the one in the video. It has the front piece which is great for curling. Also has a weight stack of 125ib which for me is nearly 57kg.

2-This one is the cheapest I could find and it has a 66kg stack with a sit up bench.

3-This one is a bit more expensive but comes with an ab bench and a boxing bag. Weight stack 45kg.

4-This one is the most expensive one and you can add more things but it still only has a 55kg stack.

Here are 2 attachments that I find very useful too-
1- A rope double handle and 2 handles.

2- A metal double handle with rubber grips.

Make sure you check all the details yourself with the seller!

Go to or for your FREE progress sheet so you can keep track on what weights you are lifting and how many reps you are doing over the weeks, This workout is a full workout routine with part bulking(making the muscle bigger) and part ripping(defining the muscle) all spread out over 4 videos showing you what to do and when to do it over 1 week, all you have to do is do it week after week, and its all FREE! Please like and Subscribe for more HD Videos.