Tempo Studio Update – Workout Routine At Home – Successes and Challenges With Weight Loss

I’ve had the Tempo Studio for 6 months now, and wanted to share a Tempo Studio update after such an amazing response on the last two videos. I will be sharing my progress on my health and fitness journey, show a tempo studio workout routine at home and then I go into some of my successes and challenges with weight loss (and in general) that I have been dealing with.

0:00 Tempo Studio Update
1:46 Tempo Studio Workout Routine
5:00 Post Workout and New Tempo Features
6:38 What I Ate + Binge Eating Struggles
8:10 Weight Loss Update + Routines
9:45 Mental Health + What’s Next

Tempo Studio Review https://youtu.be/p2mqO1ABhKo
Workout Routine Video https://youtu.be/7Gxv-led_bs

Tofu Recipe Mentioned in Video https://rainbowplantlife.com/greek-style-vegan-feta/

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