Structural Muscle Balance- At home Fitness Workout, Bodyweight Exercise Routine

Structural Muscle Balance is Vital when it comes to proper training and muscle conditioning. Especially with at home and Bodyweight workout routines. Providing your body with a strong foundation, a balanced, well rounded structure from a a solid routine will be the bread and butter of your fitness. With this workout you get that muscle balance by working both your legs and your core.

Also doing movements that are unstable in a controlled environment help developed stability in your neuromuscular pathways, as well as in your core and foundational muscles. These specific ones are for the hips, knees, and ankle. Think of standing on one foot and watch your foot it consistently moves to maintain constant balance. If you’re a fighter, a stay at home parent, or an average working class person . This video helps you develop solid stability in those unstable positions, throwing a punch, or picking up a child, even walking around at work. It will help decreases your chance for injury.

Thank you for your consideration in watching these videos! If you need or want further help! Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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#HomeFitness #BodyweightExercises #QuarantineFitnessRoutine