Quick DANCE FITNESS WORKOUT ROUTINE – Fat Burn Cardio workout

This is a quick blast dance fitness workout routine, fun and high energy cardio in the style of a dance routine. If you don’t have long to do your daily workout then these short quick blasts are perfect for just that. This is a fun cardio follow along circuit training. Great for all levels and ages.
This dance workout routine is designed to do at home with little space and with no equipment needed. This is a quick blast non stop workout of high energy to get your heart pumping. Great to build up a sweat and loose weight. I will guide you through from the start to the end. The key is to not give up and keep pushing through for the whole dance routine. And if you can’t keep up right away, then that is ok, keep coming back to this workout and try it again so gain stronger stamina.
My workouts are rhythmic and patterned and created for a much more fun workout. I create my workouts for all levels, whether you are a beginner or a more advanced level. I am a professional dancer, so I created workouts that I have been doing my whole life in my training. Dancer’s don’t naturally look the way they look, they train. These workouts are tailored for workouts at home, for people that don’t have time to go to the gym or rather like to workout in the comfort of their home. My workouts are short but heavy blasts.

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