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Straight up fuckery has told us that size, shape and weight holds more value than even our own mental and emotional well being.
You have absolutely NO responsibility to live up to the standards and confines that have been built up around exercise and diet culture.
YOU can create your own culture, a culture made up of activities, routines and people that fuel YOUR soul, that nourish YOUR mind and give YOU purpose.
Build a culture around you so deep rooted in YOUR own personal beliefs of self worth and value that all the generational lies and manipulation begin to waste away.

Create a culture that you can pass down to your family. A culture centered around, Love, Respect, Gratitude, Joy and Service.

Some ways that I was able to let go of a culture that had held me hostage for most of my life was finding movement and nourishment that added to me instead of taking from me whether it boosted my physical strength, mental strength, emotional strength, sharpness, happiness or confidence. I found movement that I actually enjoyed that I didn’t do for any other reason except that it made me feel GOOD and POWERFUL. I had to re learn the function of food and the purpose it served my body. I had to learn how to eat to nourish and grow vs eating solely to live up to superficial body goals.
Some days are harder than others. Sometimes those deep seeded lies begin to take root and that’s when you have to hold tight to the new culture you’ve created and remember that the devil is a lie!

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