Check out my Plus Size Gym this video I used the stairs master and bike for get in cardio. I also added cycling to my gym routine. Check out my new stair master routine. The stair master is an above-average cardio workout, known for toning lower-body muscles including your gluten (my favorite), quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. There are several great benefits of using the stair master this includes: strengthening your heart and lungs, calorie burning, strengthening core muscles, and more… check out this link I found:

What’s up you guys I’m Deja! Welcome to my plus size fitness series. I am starting my series at 217 lbs. I would like to bring you guys on my journey to lose my last 25 lbs. My goal weight before June 2021 is 195 lbs. I plan to drop a fitness video every Sunday until June 17, 2021. Make sure you subscribe to follow me on this journey. If you haven’t already check out my 1st fitness video, which showed how I lost 70 lbs:

It is clear to me that what I’ve done before no longer works. As always, your body gets used to things and you must switch things up. With this series, I will bring you on my journey of change, commitment, and consistency to lose 25 lbs. Losing weight is hard, and nothing comes easy, so I want to make sure this journey is completely raw and transparent. Please make sure you, like, comment, and subscribe! Also comment down below what workout videos and weight loss hacks you would like to see me try!

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36′ 34′ 47′

SW: 291 CW: 217 GW: 190s

Camera Used: CanonM50
Gym: Planet Fitness

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