No gym? No Problem! Calisthenics Full Body Home Workout – Quarantaine Workout Routine #1

Try this Ultimate Calisthenics (Corona) Home Workout, during lockdown when the gyms are closed!

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In this video, we show you a Full Body Bodyweight Workout Routine that you can do at home without any training equipment.

The Full Routine:

Exercise 1: DIAMOND PUSH UPS (Chest & Triceps)
Exercise 2: PIKE PUSH UPS (Shoulders)
Exercise 3: AUSTRALIAN TABLE ROW (back & rear delts)
Exercise 4: BICEP TABLE CURL (biceps)
Exercise 5: WINDSHIELD WIPER (Lower abs & obliques)
Exercise 6: SIT-UPS (upper abs)
Exercise 7: JUMPING SQUATS (Quadriceps )
Exercise 8: PISTOL SQUATS (Quadriceps & Glutes)

Do each exercise: 3 sets and 8 to 12 repetitions!

Good Luck!

Michael & Yannick
Calisthenics Family

Calisthenics Family Home

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Kyran Lewis

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