Our fitness model glutes workout can be found in our 90 day fitness and nutrition program

Many of you have been writing in to request that I show my glutes workout – the actual butt exercises I do when I train glutes. So today I’m showing you my favorite glutes exercises that make up my current booty workout. Before you follow my workout routine, check out each of these exercises for a rounder butt.

One of the most important elements of my glute workout tips is to make sure you’re making the mind-muscle connection and actually feeling the muscle that you’re training at work. This will make the rest of my workout routine all the more effective for you. That said, the best way to learn how to grow your glutes is to start with warm up butt exercises to get your glutes warm and working.

After the warm up, we’ll launch into my favorite exercises for a rounder butt. This glutes workout isn’t a circuit workout, so you are going to do each of my favorite glutes exercises for 3-4 rounds of the same exercise before moving onto the next move in my butt routine. If you want to grow your glutes, the moves I’m sharing with you here are some of my favorite butt exercises that are currently making up my actual butt workout. We’re calling this the fitness model glutes workout because it’s what I use to keep me camera ready for my shoots.

Here are the grow a booty exercises that make up my butt routine. If you are a beginner, do these glutes exercises with little to no added weight at first. As you advance in strength, you can do my glutes workout with heavier weights. If you’re looking for a full length glute workout, check out our complete Athlean-XX for Women program

Here are my favorite butt exercises:

Warm Up
1) Fire Hydrants (20 reps per side)
2) Straight Leg Kickbacks (20 reps per side)

1) Side to Side Squats (10 reps per side) 3-4 sets
2) Supermans (10 reps) 3-4 sets
3) Single Leg Hip Thrusts (15 reps per side) 3-4 sets
4) Hip Thrust Pulses

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