My Daily & Weekly Workout Routine + 7 Fitness Tips

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Whether you’re wanting to get into shape or you’re looking to freshen up your routine, I hope this video will give you some inspiration to make this year your fittest year yet! 1. Prioritize 2. Fuel Up 3. Find Support 4. Set Goals 5. Do What Moves You 6. Push Yourself + Love Yourself 7. Change It Up!

Here is a list of current workout videos we’ve posted. I recommend doing them in this order throughout the week, either by themselves, or as part of a longer workout. I’ve provided suggestions for how to create a 45-60min workout each day!

➤ Monday – 25-Minute Full-Body:
(this video + lift – squats, hip thrusts, bench press, shoulder press, lunges, curls)

➤ Tuesday – 7-Minute Abs + 10-Min Glutes: +
(these videos + other workout video of your choice)

➤ Wednesday – 20-Minute Full-Body:
(this video + 20-30 min run or bike ride)

➤ Thursday – 10-Minute Arms & Abs:
(this video + pushups, pull-ups, plank, tricep dips + hill sprints)

➤ Friday – 10-Minute Glutes:
(this video + squats, lunges, hip thrusts, calf raises, wall sits, etc)

➤ Saturday – 20-Minute Full-Body:
(this video + 20-30 min run or bike ride)

➤ Sunday – Active Recovery/Rest Day:
(stretch, walk, yoga, clean)

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