Military Workout Routine WITHOUT Weights (Body Weight Only!)

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Strength Coach & Military Specialist Zach Zenios shows you several exercises that are military grade and will get your body strong, lean and mean in a matter of weeks…

This military boot camp workout routine isn’t for everyone. This routine will make you battle ready, get ALL of your muscles firing and leave you in a heap at the end. Watch as Zach and Ftiness Coach and Model Alex Nanos do these exercises with precision.

Zach proudly served our country as a Marine and did exercises just like this to get his amazing physique! Below is this super quick and super effective workout that he designed…Let’s Get It!!

Military Workout Routine WITHOUT Weights (Body Weight Only!)

Perform 2-3 sets of each exercise, take limited rest and reps will vary based on skill level. More advanced will do about the same number as Zach & Alex. Work within your limits!

High-Low Plank Drill
Spiderman Plank
Push Up Bird Dogs
Push Up Shoulder Taps
Band Assist Pull Ups / Typewriter Pull Ups
Isometric Chin Hold / Pull Up & Push Out
Partner Drags
Partner Carries

NOTE – Alex does the Band Assist Pull Ups while Zach does the Typewriter Pull Ups AND Alex does the Isometric Chin Hold while Zach does the Pull Up & Push Out

Now you are BATTLE READY!

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