How I Lost Weight | My Quarantine Workout Routine | Sejal Kumar

Hey guys! Hope you are doing well in the lockdown! This is a video about my Quarantine Glo Up or my workout routine which is easy at home without a gym and how I lost weight in this time! I have been working out, doing mediation, and been on a clean diet! Since the time I moved to Delhi because of the coronavirus, I was motivated to get fit. I have always been thin and lean but I was never fit. So, here I share my weight loss journey and how I am happy with how I look physically and mentally! Hope this helps you!

Please stay indoors and stay safe during these times! and STAY POSITIVE! we can get through these tough times of Covid-19 together!

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Written by: Satvika Jain
Shot by: Sejal
Edited by: Sejal

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