Home Leg Workout Routine – Gym Style Leg Workout Routine

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This is a complete Home Leg Workout Routine you can do anywhere. For this home leg workout routine all you need is a sandbag or barbell. A backpack might work as well. Be creative.

For this workout we will be doing 5 different exercises for 12 repetitions strait through. Repeating this for 4 rounds with a 2 minute rest in between rounds.

Leg Exercise #1 – Front Squats

Have your legs a little wider than shoulder width apart. Have the sandbag or barbell in front of your chest. Have a neutral spine and squat all the way down a little bit past 90 degrees with your knees. On the way up squeeze your quads and glutes to push yourself up.

Leg Exercise #2 – Back Squats

Place the sandbag or barbell behind your head resting on your traps. With a neutral spine and your legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart squat down until your knees are a little past 90 degrees and then power back up squeezing your glutes and quadriceps. Repeat for 12 reps

Leg Exercise #3 – Weighted Lunges

With the same sandbag or barbell placement from the back squat step forward with your front foot and slowly lower your back knee down to the ground. Make sure you are not letting your knee go further past your toes. You want your shin to be perpendicular to your quadricep. Push yourself back up to starting position by pushing through the front foots heal. Repeat with the other leg and do 12 repetitions with each leg.

Leg Exercise #4 – Romanian Deadlifts
For this exercise use the horizontal handles on the sandbag or a shoulder width grip on a barbell. Have your legs strait but with a slight bend in the knee. You don’t want your knees locked out.
Lower the barbell or sandbag down with a neutral spine feeling the stretch in your hamstrings and then tighten your hamstrings again to lift your upper body back to starting position.

Leg Exercise #5 – Deadlifts

Use a shoulder width grip on a barbell or the outside grips on the sandbag. Stand with your feet about hip width apart. Toes should be directly under the barbell or up against the sandbag. Have a neutral spine and weight should be in your heals. Pick a view point slightly higher than strait in front of you. Open up your chest, and have your core tight. As you pull the weight up push through your legs imagining you are on a leg press machine for the first part of the lift. As you get half way up through the deadlift start engaging your glutes, and quadriceps and push your hips forward. Be sure to have a neutral spine each time you lower the weight back down to the ground.

This is a great home leg workout routine that you can do where ever you are. At home, in a hotel, outside, you name it.

Do this Leg Workout Routine 1 or 2 times a week for maximum results. Remember to eat protein and carbohydrates within 30 minutes of finishing this workout to gain lean muscle mass.