Hewitt leaving the gym after a good day/Hewitt’s Daily Workout Routine

This is an expression by Hewitt James about his daily workout routine. “Hewitt’s Daily Workout Routine” is an array of exercises and workout pieces. They include spinning on a stationary bike, weight lifting, resistance training, walking, and running on a treadmill, running on the streets, stretches and dance routines without choreography to mainly Caribbean Soca music. This includes weight lifting and what he classifies as a medley. The medley is a routine with combined pieces which involves weight lifting, stretching and spinning. All of Hewitt’s spinning routines are accomplished with Soca Music, sung by mainly Caribbean artists.

In October of 2020, Hewitt celebrated his country’s 41st political independence from Britain using his workout sessions as a way to commemorate the sovereignty of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. There were a total of 18 spinning routines, all of which were accomplished with the music of only local Vincentian Soca Artists. Hewitt has added to the mix of music, African Beat Songs. They include music from the young South African music producer and artiste, Master K.G with his famous ” Jerusalema Song ”. Also recently, he has added the young Nigerian artistes of Patranking and Davido with their famous song “Confirmed”.

Hewitt’s Daily Workout Routine has been created and is performed solely by Hewitt James. The routines are geared towards encouraging others, especially middle-aged and seniors to engage with a moderate level of physical fitness. Much of what Hewitt does is designed within a moderation spectrum of his fitness regimen. Hewitt believes that getting your workouts on a moderate stride may have an underlying strength to it. Therefore, Hewitt’s aim is to get others into fitness routines workable for them. Hewitt sees fitness as something that ought to be achievable by any willing person with moderate goals.

Moderation is key.

Hewitt James’s quote; ” Consider a little or sufficient exercise a day may extend your life, if not by one more day, maybe, one more year, and beyond”.

This is a public health gesture produced by “Hewitt’s Daily Workout Routine”. It is Hewitt’s attempt to produce this exercise suggestion to assist in the shared reduction, by way of physical fitness, of the negative externalities to the public, that are associated with the lack of exercise.

Hewitt’s Daily Workout Routine.
Hewitt James