GYM में पहला दिन ? | Beginners Full Workout Routine for Bodybuilding | Gym Day 1

In this video i will talk about the exercises that you
Need to do on your First day at the gym. Your First workout will consist of the exercises that i talk about in the video. Along with the exercises that you need to do i also talk about basic form on each exercise and also the Stretching/ warmups that routine before your first proper workout.
It is very important to focus ONLY on technique and form in your first workout in the gym to gain muscle and strength.
The following are the exercises that you need to do in your first workout. I hope you have the best Day 1 in your gym.
Full workout (3 sets of 8-10 each, 2 sets for arms)
Bench press
Bodyweight squat
Lat pulldown
Cable rows
Cable flyes

Hammer curls
barbell curls

Close grip push-up
Cable pushdowns

Namaste bhaiyo, is video mein mai aapko bataunga ki kaise aap apne gym ke pehle din pe workout kar sakte ho. konsi exercise aapko karni chahiye day 1 mein. Hope tum log ko video pasand ayi

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