Full-Body Resistance Band Home Workout Routine | Renewal Fitness Coaching

Can’t get to the gym? This video will give you a full-body workout routine you can do at home with only resistance bands, as well as some ways to make it more challenging with dumbbells and a core balance disc.

All you need is a resistance band with a door anchor, and ideally one that includes a leg strap. If you don’t have a door anchor, then use a sturdy object that cannot be pulled over to wrap the band around.

You can get this resistance band or a stackable set of them here: http://shrsl.com/hcha
And the balance disc here: http://shrsl.com/qufi
Use code HOLLY10 for 10% off your order.

This workout will hit all of your major muscle groups with compound movements that get your heart pumping so you can burn calories and build muscle at the same time. Great for weight loss and/or functional strength training.

How to perform this workout: This can be done one time through in about 15 minutes, or 2-3 times through within 30-40 minutes. Just perform exercises back to back, then repeat the entire circuit.

If you want more custom workouts, you can contact me at renewalfitcoach.com

Have fun!

Background Music credit to bensound.com: Going Higher – thank you!