Female Client Workout Routine – Womens Workout Routines For The Gym Weight Loss And Toning

In this video we go through an example women’s workout routine for strength training. We go through 9 different exercises using dumbbells and resistance bands.

0:00 Intro
0:53 Warmup routine
1:15 Bridge chest press
1:29 Pullup negatives
1:40 Reverse lunges
2:03 Single leg single arm kickbacks
2:18 Squat to arm curls
2:35 Core rotations
3:00 Single leg cone touches
3:18 Single leg single arm rows
3:34 Single leg side step up front raises
4:05 Coordination drill

What’s up dudes and what is up beautiful ladies out there, Bryan here, and this video is going to be the first in a series of videos that I filmed with Lisa, a client of mine. Alright, lets roll.

So, I meet Lisa once a week at a local park where we go through a workout routine that I planned out for her. We meet on Monday mornings, and she will repeat the routine twice more during the week, usually on Wednesday’s and Friday’s.

We do full body circuit training workouts, where she goes from exercise to exercise with little to no rest in between the exercises. We do 3 circuits consisting of 3 to 4 exercises per circuit, so 9 to 12 exercises, along with a quick warm up and usually a 5 minute low intensity coordination drill at the end of the routine.

These workouts usually take between 30 to 45 minutes, and I try to emphasize a fitness aspect, in this one I emphasized balance.

Lisa does a very short and quick warm up consisting of 8 exercises. She does 5 very low tension exercises with a resistance band, starting with curls, then shoulder pulls with the band, then a bent over kickback, then a high band row and finally a split stance chest press. From here she uses a body bar and does 2 rotational movements, one out to her sides, and then a hip twist.

The first circuit started with a chest press from a bridge position. This exercise will work her pecs or chest muscles, shoulders and triceps in the back of her upper arms. Also being in the bridge position will engage her core and glutes, and require some leg engagement as well.

Next up is a pull up modification using an underhand grip. She does negatives, where she steps up to get her chin above the bar, and lowers herself down. This exercise will work her arms, her back and her grip as well.

Last up in this circuit is a reverse lunge for 8 repetitions for each leg, where, from a standing position, holding dumbbells, she steps back to a point that is comfortable for her range of motion, and then forward to the starting position. This exercise will work her legs, shoulders, test her balance, improve her coordination, and makes her work in a backwards direction.

She went 3 times through this circuit and then took a quick rest.

For the next circuit, we started with single leg single arm kickbacks, holding onto a platform with her free hand. Keeping a bent knee to get more leg engagement, she performed 10 repetitions on each side of her body, and this will work her triceps in the back of her upper arm, her legs and work her balance as well.

Next up is a squat to an arm curl. From a standing position, she squats down to a depth that is comfortable for her, and then raises back up and performs a curl. This exercise will work her legs, glutes, biceps in the front of her upper arms, and also helps improve her coordination by combining exercises.

The last exercise in this circuit is a core rotational pull. With a slight bend at the knees and the band wrapped around a pole to her side, she rotates her upper body, holding the handles of the bands together and keeping her arms straight. She did 8 repetitions on each side and this will work her shoulders, arms, core and legs, and also requires rotational movement working her body in a different direction.

Again 3 times through this circuit and then rest.

The last circuit started with a single leg cone touch, where Lisa is going to stand on one leg and bend down at the waist and at the knee and alternate touching the cones. She held a dumbbell out to her side as she performed the movement. She did this for 6 touches on each leg, and this will work her legs, shoulders and help improve her balance and coordination.

Next up is a single leg single arm dumbbell row, where she holds on to a platform with her free hand, stands on one leg with a slightly bent knee and performs the movement. She performed 10 repetitions on each side of her body, and this will work her back, her legs and her balance.

And the last exercise is a single leg side step up to a front raise. From a standing position, holding onto dumbbells, Lisa steps up onto a platform at her side. As she steps up with one leg, she keeps a bent knee and raises the dumbbells up in front of her, then lowers the dumbbells and steps back down.