Couple's Minimalist Workout Routine — A Week of Fitness (Home Gym)

What two minimalists do for fitness from Monday to Sunday.
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Minimal equipment. Minimal planning. Minimal complexity. Minimal time commitment (per session). We’ve simplified the way that we approach and structure our fitness routine over the years; this is one week of fitness with Thoughtworthy!

00:00 Monday (Strength Training)
01:09 Tuesday (Sports & Games)
01:46 Wednesday (Running; Intervals)
02:38 Thursday (Plan B)
03:15 Friday (Strength Training)
04:22 Saturday (Running; Tempo)
05:00 Sunday

When it comes to fitness, we have a rough plan that we loosely follow, but we’re very flexible with how we execute it. Our plans are also always changing to adapt to our lifestyle and schedules.


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