Hello Everybody,

I am Chris and this is my home workout with the rogue fitness gear. SML-2 from Rogue Fitness.

I have been doing the Strong Lift 5×5 program for about 5 months now.
It alternates between two different days of exercises
You workout three days a week and alternate the below days.
Each time you successfully lift all 5 sets and all 5 reps for that lift, you add 5 pounds the next time you do that lift.

All of the exercises are 5 sets and 5 reps
Day 1 is Squat, Bench, Barbel Row
Day 2 is Squat, OHP, and Deadlift

Below are some useful links to gear for your home gym

The mat i bought for deadlifts from Amazon.

And the deadlift wedge when adding plates to your deadlift.

Click below if you want a free 30 day trial for amazon prime!

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