Best Total Body Fitness Workout Routine with Koya Webb

Are you tired of workouts that don’t work try the best total body fitness workout routine introduced by Koya Webb, this is what I call it Koya’s Daily 100.
For years I’ve been dedicated to walking, jogging or running a mile a day and doing my “Daily 100s” at least a couple times a week. One of the questions I get asked most is if I only do yoga.

The answer is “No” I’ve been an athlete all my life from my Mama’s homemade obstacle courses in the backyard to running to catch the bus for school (and falling a million times) I’ve lived an active lifestyle by default.✨
Even though it started out that way I’ve had ebbs and flows in my motivation to workout. Sometimes I can just meditate for weeks alone, most times meditation and yoga is my go-to but I feel my best when I mix it up and get at least 3-5 1 mile walks in per week and 2-3 strength sessions. Studies have proven the countless benefits of regular strength training and time in nature so now I’m sharing my go-to “total body fitness routine” that I use year round to compliment the yoga and nutrition plan in my @getlovedup membership. I’m committing to at least 3 times a week for the rest of the year to stay my healthiest. Will you join me?? *

If you are looking for the best total body fitness routine to get that total body workout, Koya Webb is here to show her morning routine. So Get Loved Up today with this amazing “Daily 100” workout routine to get you morning started feeling amazing!

If you’re down for the challenge, comment “I’m In” below, repost this graphic with hashtag #koyasdaily100s and let’s do this together!!🏃🏾‍♀️

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Koya Webb is an internationally recognized yoga teacher, celebrity holistic health coach, author, speaker, and vegan activist whose core mission is to promote daily self-care, oneness and eco friendly living to combat some of the worlds biggest challenges including mental health, social injustices and global warming.

Koya is the founder of Get Loved Up, an international lifestyle community and Yoga School that inspires mental, spiritual and physical through an app, online courses, retreats, in-person yoga teacher training events and the Get Loved Up Podcast.

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