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The Master Blaster is an ultimate home gym equipment which helps you in weight loss, reduces the extra inches, burns fats and gives you a fit and toned body with defined muscles & stronger joints. It targets your Abs & Obliques, Back & Shoulders, Arms & Chest, Glutes & Hips, Thighs & Calves and you can perform sit-ups, reverse crunch, leg raise, push ups, side crunch and many more exercises at the comfort of your home without any body or neck pain. This also improves your flexibility, endurance & stamina.

The Master Blaster by far has no comparison. This one equipment is enough to complete your whole exercise routine and give you better results than using multiple equipment’s at the gym. It gives you an incredible fat blasting & core blasting workout. Master blaster is a perfect combination of resistance training & core conditioning exercises. Its like having an entire gym in one compact portable chair. With the help of the Master Blaster & the resistance band you can do over 22 different exercises. Using it for 5-10 minutes daily helps in reducing your weight, your cellulite will disappear, muscle strength will improve, your stamina and endurance will get better.

Thanks to the adjustable neck rest with rolling cushions and its variable and flexible seat position, the Master Blaster can be used by both men and women of all age groups and all weight categories and is ideal for both beginners and professionals too.

The master blaster has been designed to give you the ultimate comfort & luxury while you exercise.
To support your neck there is an adjustable neck rest with rolling cushions that can be adjusted up to 3 levels.
The high base ensures good balance while you exercise.
As per your height, the length of the Master Blaster can be adjusted up to 3 levels.
Soft rolling cushions provide support and massage you back as you exercise.
Industrial strength spring provides resistance for upper body exercises.
Strong reflex rubber provides resistance for lower body exercises.
Variable & flexible seat positions that can be used to do a range of exercises.
It is compact and folds away for easy storage.

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