Basic Bar Body Weight Workout Calisthenics (10+ Exercises)

Intermediate Basic Bar Body Weight Workout Calisthenics (10+ Exercises) Outdoor Routine

The Basic Bar Workout involves many body weight exercises, and may require training and assistance in order to perform all exercises correctly.

Warm-up 6-10 minutes. Consisting of a riding a bicycle to the park, jogging, burpees, performing jumping jacks, jump roping or a combination of similar exercises. Continual motion, warm up body and develop a sweat.

The workout involves several major exercises, and you are free to do them in a circuit, performing the circuit two to three times, or concentrate on one exercise at a time. Load, Repetitions, Rest Time, and Sets depend on your exercise goals.

The Basic set aim is 3, performing 8-12 Repetitions per set. Rest up to 60 seconds between each set and then move onto the next set or exercise. Performing the circuit will be easier than performing each exercise 2-3 times in a row. When performing each exercise in a row, the Jump Rope and the Plank are best done switching back and forth and for 1-2 minutes (or a time you can maintain) each time.

1. 0:10 Pull-Ups
2. 0:35 Parallel Bar Dips
3. 1:05 Plank
4. 1:35 Jump Rope
5. 1:56 Elevated Push-Ups
6. 2:20 Chin-Ups
7. 2:45 Leg Raises (Two versions)
8. 3:55 In & Outs
9. 4:10 Crunchy Frogs
10. 4:25 Mountain Climbers
11. 4:40 Oblique V-Ups
12. 4:56 Laying Leg Raises
13. 5:20 Mason Twist / Russian Twist

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