4 x 4 x 4 x 4 Workout Routine (calisthenics body weight exercises)

PULL UP BARS HERE http://www.incitefitness.co.uk/pullupbars/200cm-silver-galvanised-pull-up-bar

PARALLETTES HERE http://www.incitefitness.co.uk/pullupbars/metal-paralettes

http://www.incitefitness.co.uk/pullupbars/ for fitness equipment
http://www.incitefitness.co.uk/pullupbarbuilds/ for bar builds

Aim to do 2 rounds as quick as possible.

Wide push ups
Push ups
Close push ups
Forearm push ups

Diamond push ups
Leg up diamond push ups
Other leg up diamond push ups
Explosive X push ups

Clapping push ups
Elbow touch push ups
Shoulder touch push ups
Head touch push ups

I stupidly deleted lots of explosive pull up videos before I moved them from my SD card to my computer… they’ll be up eventually!!