3rd Trimester Fitness | My Pregnancy Workout Routine | Weight Training, Cardio + Yoga

Hi, I’m Taylor! I’ve been passionate about fitness my whole life, and that hasn’t stopped since getting pregnant! I wanted to share my pregnancy workout and fitness routine with you guys, now that I’m solidly in my 3rd trimester!

This routine has been working really well for me in my third trimester, and would have been great during the first and second trimesters of pregnancy too! I have another video on my workout routine for the first and second trimester, link is below! Exercise during pregnancy has kept my weight gain on track and helps me sleep much better at night!

What I Eat in a Day During Pregnancy: https://youtu.be/4k09XKLUML8

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It has been shown that women who remain active throughout pregnancy have an easier time during labor (statistically), and are less likely to develop gestational diabetes. Consult your health care provider before starting an exercise program.

I am not a doctor, personal trainer, or medical and/or fitness professional at all, and I’m not advising that you do this routine. I’m simply sharing with you what I’ve been personally doing throughout my pregnancy.

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