If you’re just beginning a workout plan and you want to start off with some easy moves, we recommend you to try this video! It’s 30 minutes of beginner’s routines perfect for those who are just starting to exercise or those getting back on track after a long period of hiatus.

If you want to lose weight or keep it off, we recommend you start with easy exercises. Keeping it slow and simple may keep you motivated to exercise a little more often.

Good luck and let’s get started!! ❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:14 Body Rotations
01:05 Rest
01:27 Arm Circles
02:15 Rest
02:37 Hip Swirls
03:25 Rest
03:47 Lateral Steps
04:36 Rest
05:08 Lateral Arm Circles
05:50 Rest
06:17 Lateral Arm Circles
06:58 Rest
07:26 Step Jacks
08:10 Rest
08:37 Step Jacks
09:21 Rest
10:13 Knee Drive
10:56 Rest
11:23 Knee Drive
12:07 Rest
12:34 Body Extensions
13:20 Rest
13:47 Body Extensions
14:33 Rest
15:25 Lateral Taps
16:10 Rest
16:37 Lateral Taps
17:21 Rest
17:49 Overhead Reach
18:33 Rest
19:00 Overhead Reach
19:44 Rest
20:36 Squat Arm Lifts
21:21 Rest
21:48 Squat Arm Lifts
22:32 Rest
22:59 Punches
23:44 Rest
24:11 Punches
24:56 Rest
25:48 Side Bend Stretch Right
26:39 Side Bend Stretch Left
27:30 Thigh Stretch Left
28:21 Thigh Stretch Right
29:11 Knee Stretch Right
30:01 Knee Stretch Left