3 Workouts Per Week = Gains 💪🏻

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This is not to say that 3 days per week is the “ideal” frequency or that it’s what you should specifically follow.

I’m just pointing out the fact that you don’t HAVE to be in the gym every single day (or 6, 5 or even 4 days per week for that matter) in order make significant muscle building progress.

If you’re genuinely training hard and progressively on a properly structured plan, you absolutely can make excellent gains training 3 days per week.

Hell, even 2 days per week can be enough to make solid size and strength progress if you really know what you’re doing.

This is especially important to understand for those who are very limited on time and need to maximize their training efficiency… or for beginners who might feel a bit intimidated because they think it’ll require Monday to Saturday sessions for 2 hours at a time to build muscle effectively.

Speaking anecdotally – during my earlier years of lifting when I was at my very biggest and strongest – the majority of that was spent training 3 days per week with only brief phases of bumping it up to 4.

It’s also how I got started in the gym and built the majority of my initial muscle over the first 5 years, and it’s how I currently train as well.

Once again (since I know people are going to misinterpret this) I am NOT saying that you *should* switch to a 3 day per week plan – there are plenty of people with amazing physiques who train 6 days a week or even every single day, and there are way too many variables at play to say what will be optimal for each individual.

All I’m saying is that it’s a fine option if done correctly and should not be viewed as some kind of “minimalist” approach. If it does feel minimalist, you probably just aren’t training hard enough to make it work.

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